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A remote district of Rajasthan, Barmer that is identified as unique place in the world. The holy ground of this district, Navjeevan credit co-operative society was established on 19 August 2009. The primary objective is being uplifting of the social and financial status of its members by developing saving habits amongst them through the spirit of co operation, and providing technical and financial support.

The society was initially registered with the Registrar co-operative society, Rajasthan and its area of operation was confined to Barmer district only. The principal function of the society is to render financial services to its members and to reach the every corner of the country through branch expansion where financial facilities have not reached.
The people of Rajasthan, responded favorably to the endeavor of the founders of society, reposed their faith and confidence in the functioning of the organization which naturally prompted management to extend its purview through a large network. 19th October 2010 would go down in the annals of the society as memorable day because society was granted the status of multistate co-operative society by govt. of India, Ministry of Agriculture and we got the permission to expand branches and work in state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Society is carrying on the path of progress by the full co-operation offered by the people of Rajasthan and Gujarat, their unwavering faith in the society, while maintaining the trust and making the new records in the future.

The society with its strong network of employees, is achieving its objectives. From time to time society avails different type of deposit and loan scheme to its members. It provides an insurance scheme up to Rs. 25,000/- to members as accidental death. It also offers special interest which is more than one percent to normal interest rate, to senior citizens, women, and disable soldiers, ex-servicemen, central and state Govt. Employees, banking and insurance sector employees, cooperative sector employees, retired persons, trust and Rs. 5 lack or more deposit holders.